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Are you on Twitter? I am. (Barely.) Almost begrudgingly, really. I'm trying to figure it out. How to manipulate it to serve me best. What can I get out of it? I did find a list of green of more than 70 environmentalists to follow on Twitter. They include individuals as well as organizations who tweet interesting "green" information. Check them out by clicking here.

Another resource to check out to find a plethora of green information is from
Cool People Care. You can sign up for the "5 minutes of caring" e-mail, and each day you'll receive a topic and links to research to make the world a better place.

HandsIn is another Web site I frequent. It's mission is to improve the world by mobilizing the unique energy and creative passion of 20-somethings. Their vision? A world community that meets the expectations of those who dare to dream of more. It's about volunteering. Making small changes and banding together to realize big results.

I'm not going to necessarily advocate the use of Twitter just yet, but I wanted to share some ways for you to stay in touch with your green side while you surf the web.

Keep it real. Keep it green. Keep it real green. And I'm out like the light you turn off when you leave the room. Peace.

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