We went to Cordell Hull Lake during Labor Day weekend for a family get-together at Granville Marina. Cordell Hull is beautiful, with rolling hills rising on all sides of the water's smooth surface. Unfortunately, the view below distracted from the beauty.

This was taken with my cell phone camera, so it's not the best photo, but you can see how all the trash has washed up from the lake. Doesn't it make you sad? If this is just what's washed up at Granville Marina, think what else is still out there or washed up in other areas of the lake.

We've got to spread the word about caring for the environment. Tell your children. Don't let them grow up in a world that is overflowing with garbage on every street corner or in every lake and river. But landfills aren't the answer either. Within 50 years, the approximately 2,216 landfills that exist today will reach full capacity, according to Science World.

First: Reduce (what you use)!
Second: Reuse (what you can't reduce)!
Third: Recycle (after you've reused all you can)!