Go green at work too!

Ink-jet printer

My place of business is taking another step in "going green." Xerox staff will be on campus tomorrow to program all copy machines for two-sided copy. This endeavor will save paper, which in turn has the benefit of saving money. If employees have a particular need to print something one-sided, they can go in and change the default setting.

This is a great thing companies — large or small — can do to make a big difference. Theoretically, we should go through nearly half the paper as we normally do.

Additional steps you can take to print green include:

1) Decrease the margins. By making the margins on your typed documents smaller, you'll fit more on a page, thereby using fewer sheets of paper to get your point across. MS Word has the margins default at 1 inch for top and bottom, and 1.25 inches left and right. When printing anything longer than a page, try setting your margins at .75 all around.

2) Print it on the back of something else if it's not important. Make a separate stack of paper that has clean backs, and feed this paper into your printer next time you need to print a rough draft or some notes.

3) If it's really not important, don't print it at all.

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