Pop a Wheelie

Today is National Bike to Work Day!

OK, no, you called me out. I did not bike to work today. Regardless of the fact I travel 82 miles to and from work each day, I am ashamed to admit that I don't even own a bicycle.

I had one, but I gave it away. Does that redeem me even a little? Alex and I both had bikes that someone had given us (it's the "reuse" part of that recycle logo) and we gave them to a younger couple in need.

As I think about cycling, it seems like more and more of a good idea. I do live fairly close to town, so it would not be unreasonable to ride a bike to run a nearby errand. The health benefits, not to mention the environmental ones, are a good motivator.

It may not be completely reasonable for you to ride your bike to work, but I encourage you to think about riding somewhere ... anywhere, really.

If biking is your thing, think about organizing a Ride Your Bike to Work day at your office for next year, or even sooner.

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jmuhj said...

Since my folks took the training wheels off the bike my grandma gave me back in the day, and I fell and skinned my knees, bikes have lost their cachet with me. But do you think the man in the photo could pop a wheelie on that bike of his? ;)