Bag it and snag it

Kroger and its affiliate stores are going green! You can create your own design on a reusable bag and enter it into a contest to win $1,000 in free groceries. In fact, just for designing a bag, Kroger will give you a free reusable bag next time your in the store.

They also have partnered with cafepress.com so you can buy your own designed bag! You can create as many as you want. My design (above) is the only one I've done so far—I only have so much creativity alloted per day. :)

You can go to the site and vote for your favorite design once a day. The contest lasts through May 15.

Kroger Design a Reusable Shopping Bag Contest - Vote for My Design

According to its site, Kroger is going green in various ways:

  • Our skylights mean we can max out on natural light and our open ceiling reduces building material.
  • The refrigeration system in our store is so cool, it not only keeps food cold, but it also helps heat our air and water.
  • Energy-efficient fans and dryers inside our frozen food cases keep products frozen while using less electricity.
  • Our overhead lights are smart enough to turn themselves off at night. Motion sensors turn the lights off when no one is around.
  • The light bulbs over the magazines and check lanes are called "compact fluorescents." They last longer and use less energy than regular bulbs.
  • Our concrete floor eliminates the need for tile and its harsh cleaning solvents.
  • Our wide array of organic products results in less pesticide for the ecosphere.
  • Our recycling program includes cardboard, newspaper, glass, etc.
  • Having reusable bags available for your use, as well as our Bag-2-Bag recycling program, reduces waste.

So what are you waiting for?
Bag it and snag it!

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