If it was my home...

Coverage of the oil spill in the gulf is all over the news, but even so, it's easy to forget what so many people are dealing with. There's a website that puts it into perspective a bit.

I took a screen shot, above, that how massive the oil spill really is by placing it over where you live. You can change the map to another location, even putting the spill back in the gulf.

So remember, even if it's out of sight, it doesn't have to be out of mind. Current estimates put the amount of oil being discharged from the broken well at above 1,050,000 US gallons per day, and there are over 400 different species of animals living in the area affected by the spill.

Also on the site are ways to help, so let's put our good intentions to action!

For more information, visit the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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