Now That's a Wrap!

I'll admit it. I'm a bit frugal. In fact, a friend yesterday called me a miser. It's not that I don't like spending money. Trust me, I've got the TJ Maxx shoe department delivery schedule memorized. However, Alex and I save a lot of our income. There are retirement accounts and house and emergency funds that get a boost every month. Our desire to save money reveals itself in various ways. A lot of times, it even helps the environment.

Since Alex and I have been married, I'm proud to say I have bought nary a gift bag nor sheet of tissue paper. How? We got tons of gift bags when we got married, and we get them at each birthday. I stock up. I smooth out tissue paper, fold it and slide it into a zippered bag that I think at one time a shower curtain or sheet set came in.

You can start your collection of gift bags and tissue paper this year! (It really is quite exciting.) After the presents are opened, as someone comes around with that big garbage bag, quietly gather the bags, tissue paper and even bows! Bows are a bit harder to keep from squishing from year to year, but a little tape does wonders!

I also save Comics out of the Sunday paper. Well, we don't subscribe to the paper, but if I ever get my hands on one, I pull out the Comics first. My Granny Bea used to wrap birthday gifts in the funnies. What a great idea!

Can you think of any ways to reuse or repurpose items for wrapping or gift-giving in general? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Merry Christmas!


Brush Strokes said...

I like to use bits of leftover yarn in place of bows on packages. The entire package can be "tied up" in string and the "chuckie" yarn is even better. So if you crochet or knit (or know someone who does) use those pieces that are left over for your wrapping. Merry Christmas from your 3rd (I think) cousin in Memphis! Karen

Mandy said...

Great idea! Thanks for the comment. Hope you had a very merry Christmas too, and a happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...


Mandy said...

haha, thanks! It really comes in handy when you have a "last-minute" gift too!

Have a happy & green new year!