I'm not gargling. I'm drinking.

You know what irritates me? I try to be health-concious. I try to save money where possible. And what does that get me? A 4-inch tall cup and about a dozen trips to the soda fountain.

This picture was taken at a little non-chain place in Murfreesboro. The food was excellent. But I ordered water instead of soda or tea, and what happens?

"Oh, no. Not again," I think as the cashier pulls out the equivalent of a Dixie cup from behind the register. Is that a smirk she's hiding? On one occasion, I've actually asked a guy, "...Seriously?"

So, as you can see, Alex has a big nice (even reusable --props!) cup, whereas I have a much smaller excuse for a drink holder.

I'm making a change. No, I'm not settling for diet soda. Rather, I've decided to carry a reusable cup or mug into quick food resaurants like this one too. I already carry them everywhere else. Then, when the smirking cashier pulls out a pint-size version, I'll smile and sweetly say, "No thanks. I brought my own."

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